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The COERO Twilio integration allows you to make phone calls for service requests from the COERO In-Room Display. This is useful for when your guests need assistance and your staff isn't nearby. To setup the integration please follow the steps below.

Create Twilio Account

  1. Head over to Twilio and sign up for a new account
  2. image

  3. Once logged in you will see this dashboard. Please note down your "ACCOUNT SID" and "AUTH TOKEN" for later.
  4. image

Buy a phone number

After creating an account you still need to buy a phone number. This is the number the COERO display will use to make phone calls.

  1. Head over to the Buy a Number page
  2. Under capabilities select voice
  3. Hit search
  4. image

  5. Choose one of the numbers displayed on your screen
  6. image

  7. Finish phone number setup
  8. image

  9. Once you're finished you will get to this screen. Note down your phone number for later
  10. image

Configure COERO

  1. Sign in to your COERO sytem
  2. Head over to system configuration page and scroll down to the Twilio section
  3. Enter the details you noted down in the steps before
  4. image

  5. Head over to the display configuration you want to enable phone calls for
  6. image

Try it out

Open the In-Room Display you just configured. There will now be a green button in the lower left corner. Hitting this button will cause the display to dial the service phone number.


You will now receive a call from COERO on your phone