Outlook Client & Browser Add-in
Outlook Client & Browser Add-in

Outlook Client & Browser Add-in


COERO Note: The Outlook Add-in is not needed to book room through Outlook. It is just an additional feature that gives you an instant list of available rooms and allows you to use room tags to search for your specific needs regarding room setup, equipment or location.


Two more things: Before taking the 7 setup steps, make sure that you connected COERO with your Microsoft® Outlook. Please also make sure that everyone of your team who wants to use the Outlook add-in has to be created COERO user with their correct O365 Mail address. If not, visit:

7 setup steps

  1. Open Outlook OWA in a Web Browser: https://outlook.office.com/mail/
  2. Select any message
  3. Click more actions at the top of the message "3 dots" icon and select "Get add-ins"
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  5. Select "My add-ins" and then under "+ Add a custom add-in" select "Add from URL..."
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  7. Enter the following URL: https://outlook-add-in.coero.de/manifest.xml and click on "OK"
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  9. Open the native Windows or Mac Outlook Client. In the top right of the Navigation bar, you can now see a new icon: Find Room
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  11. To complete the setup, you need to authorise the Outlook add-in. Enter your COERO company name into the add-in prompt (your company name: XXX.coero.de). An email will be sent to you. Copy the code you receive, then return to the Outlook add-ins window to paste the code into the prompt. You should now be connected and ready to roll.
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    Hint: If you still use the OWA version, you can find the same function by clicking on the same "3 dots" icon.