Manage your users & contacts

Manage your users & contacts

Log in to your COERO Dashboard and choose CONTACTS (top navigation).

What are contacts in COERO used for?

In COERO, contacts consist of companies and employees.

Employees can be set as meeting organiser or meeting attendee. This gives you an overview of who booked and who attends the meeting.

Companies are only needed if you want to book spaces for other companies than your own. This can make sense if you are in the hotel or eventspace business. By activating "Enable room bookings for other companies" you can book rooms for these companies through the COERO web dashboard. With the ↗️ 📱 Meeting Room Outside Display: COMPANY you can welcome your guest with their company logo on the display.

Create a company and an employee

Create a company

Company column: Add companies by clicking on the + top right in the company column.


Create an employee

Employees columns: Select a company and add employees by clicking on the + top right in the employee column.