Manage settings

Manage settings

Log in to your COERO Dashboard, select SETTINGS (top navigation). The sidebar navigation shows you the following options:

System Control

  • Restart all displays
  • This allows you to restart all your displays. Displays have to be restarted in case you change Display Configurations and want to deploy you changes onto the display.

  • Sync Outlook
  • This allows you to trigger the Outlook import of rooms and events manually. Only needed if there are any issues with the Outlook connect.

System Configuration

  • Branding
  • General
    • Language
    • COERO is available in English and German. Here you can set the language for you web dashboard and add-ins.


      COERO Note: To make sure your Room Displays are in the right language please visit

      Android device settings

    • Server Time Zone
    • COERO needs to know your local time zone for correct booking. Please choose that here


      COERO Note: To make sure your Room Displays have the right time zone please visit

      Android device settings

    • Enable room bookings for other companies
    • By activating "Enable room bookings for other companies" you can book rooms for companies other than your own through the COERO web dashboard. With the ↗️ 📱 Meeting Room Outside Display: COMPANY you can welcome your guest with their company logo on the display.

  • Twilio
  • Our Twilio integration lets you make calls to a phone from the Meeting Room Inside Display.


    Twilio Setup:


DISPLAYS show you all connected tablet devices to your COERO system.


To connect a display:

Display Configurations

COERO offers a variety of different display configurations for outside and inside the meeting room. DISPLAY CONFIGURATIONS show you all your created display configuration.


To create a room display configuration visit:


ROOMS show you all created rooms in COERO system.


To create a room visit:


  • Overview
    • When searching for a room it's important to make sure you book a room that has the required setup. COERO's tag feature allows you to create keywords and then add these keywords to rooms. For example, you may create tags for:

    • Room equipment: Create a tag for each amenity (#TV, #Projector, etc.)
    • Building: Create a tag for each building (#Building 1, #Building 2, etc.)
    • Floor: Create a tag for each floor (#1st floor, #2nd floor, etc.)
    • Users can filter by tags through the

      and the
      Google Chrome Add-in
      Google Chrome Add-in

  • Create a tag
  • Click on the green "+" button (bottom right of screen) to add a tag. To deploy a tag to a room see the above description for ROOMS.

Order items

  • Overview
  • Set up your menu and allow your meeting attendees to order food and beverages.


  • Create an order item
    • Step 1: Click on the green "+" button (bottom right of screen). Choose "add new category". Choose a name like "Snack" and upload a photo.
    • Step 2: Click on the green "+" button (bottom right of screen). Choose "add new order item". Choose a category for the order item, choose name, add a description and upload a photo.
    • 👉

      Note: Make sure that you upload for for every item category and every order item a photo. Need some inspiration? Visit our ☕ order item library