Android device settings

Android device settings


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"Date & Time" Settings

To avoid room booking conflicts, make sure your Android is set to the correct "Date & Time".

Enable stay awake option

Make sure that your Android screen is alway awake and doesn't lock automatically. Go to your Android Settings > About Tablet > Software Information and click the 7 times on the Build number to enable developer mode. In the DEVELOPER OPTIONS is where you will find the "Stay awake" option to enable.

Enable Guided Acces

Guided Access Mode prevents meeting attendees from changing the app on your display. Furthermore we know that technology is not always perfect. Guided Access Mode makes sure that the COERO app automatically restarts after an Android or COERO app crash. To enable Guided Access please follow this article:

Turn off Automatic Software Updates

Automatic software updates can have impacts on your settings and can cause Android tablets to go to sleep sometimes. This is why we recommend to make sure that the Android tablet will not automatically download updates. While you are in the DEVELOPER OPTIONS set "Auto update-system" to "Off".